Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just waiting

Early this morning I has an email from The Brother Alan with an attachment from American Airlines. There might be cancellations due to the hurricane! No, that would not do. I knew I would be anxious to read that he was boarding the plane and finally that email arrived. Right now  Alan and Lisa are on their way from NC and should arrive in Phoenix about 11:15 AM then about an hour later arrive here. All is ready: the lanai and yard are clean and the house is ready and most of all so am I. Update this week from either of us can be expected. Stay tuned my friends.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Flowers in bloom

Yesterday was work in the garden day. I took advantage of the milder temps and trimmed one of the Yucca plants and cut back another. Both have new growth so this will help revitalize them.
They are original to the property which means they are getting old. Denny frequently would cut them back so I thought I would  see if they will fill in.
The Snail Vine is adjusting well and already climbing. There are new buds waiting for their day to open and some which have
I love this flower. Not only is it lavender but so complex. It starts out looking like a green lima bean then becomes this lovely flower. If you look closely just to the back of this bloom you can see the "lima bean". So nice to have this back on the arbor.
The bunny has move to the base of the vine waiting to be covered by the leaves. It is always nice to move the critters around the garden. There are broken pots here and there for the lizards to have shelter and it still surprise me if I pick one up and out pops a lizard!
The Gaura is doing just okay. I think it needs a good cut back but it should have been done this Spring. Right now it is very leggy. I will trim it regularly removing spent blooms and then after the winter I will cut it back severely. the blooms are so pretty and sway in the breeze.
I have been spending some time with Alice. This morning I found that I am off by a couple of threads....but it will work just the same and it would be too much to rip out. Some might say why tell, I feel there will be that one person who notices it. Luckily the design lends itself to this mistake quietly so it will remain.
So you know what tomorrow is? Yes it is September 19 but it is The Day...The Brother Alan and Lisa arrive! If their flight stays on time they should arrive here at the house around 12:30. Just in time for their visit the temps are cooling.  they are leaving the New England area just in time as there is a storm heading up the coast. I have a To Finish list, the To Do list and time for relaxation list.
The second laundry is on and soon it will be light outside as the sun will be rising. I have a couple of errands to do then it will be time to stitch...maybe even outside for a time. Glad to have you visit with me. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for your friendship.
"Tomorrow, tomorrow, your always a day away!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The footstool and sewing kit

I am getting pretty handy with the electric screw driver.
the footstool is finished and looks really nice and is more comfortable to the feet with the new batting . I also replaced the inside lining.  I think this was a good choice of fabric. Somewhere along the way of pins and staples and screws, I lost a couple of pins on the carpet and have not stepped on found them yet. Guess they will come out of hiding when I vacuum today. Someone had asked me what was inside the storage area...nothing...yet. I guess I could make it a sewing box/kit. It sure would be handy. Speaking of sewing/kit boxes----
I was given this small kit back in the 1980s and it has all the original pieces. The top of velvet is still in tact and there is the gold thimble and needle too. This has never been used.
The inside of the lid is a mirror which is also in perfect condition.
The case is metal of some sort and has a little decorative marking around the lid and bottom. On the bottom
It is stamped "Made in Occupied Japan". I hope you can see that clear enough. All items imported after the WW II (1945-1952) had to be stamped with this mark. The hat pins are from the 1950s or so . Can not remember who gave it to me or where they got it or how old it really is but I keep it with my treasures and now it sits on the new shelf.
I did a little stitching on Alice, not enough to deserve a picture, but will get more done today. I thought I maybe would do a bit of yard cleaning but I think I will just stitch instead. Tomorrow will okay for that. You haven't forgotten have you? Alan and Lisa arrive on Tuesday. Just a few last minute preparations to get things ready. the weather forecast is for great temps in the 90s. Better than those triple numbers and excessive humidity. Our week will be busy but with plenty of us time. There is never enough time when they are here.....
It is time for me to grind the beans and brew some coffee. Thank you for stopping by and for the kind words. Most of all, thank you for your friendship.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

It's the little things~~~~

A nice morning temperature wise. It is 71 with a cool touch in the air. Of course the full strength of the sun is not out when it may reach 95. But I certainly am enjoying this morning air. The garden has been watered and laundry washing. Good start. Yesterday did the errands; gas, Staples for printer ink but forgot the one black that I needed!, then a quick stop at JoAnn's for foam for the footstool which I changed my mind about but...
look what followed me home. I just love Tilda's books. I must have this little darling and so she is on the to do this week list. Oh, that is right, The Brother Alan will be here on Tuesday. It is fine, I will have some time  as I do believe we are not going to be running all over the place....well, maybe she will have to wait a little. No rush. I cannot believe Alan will call her scary as he feels about Tilly! I just  love how Tone Finnager designs her dolls. She refers to those protrusions on the side of the heads as "tuffs". They are optional but I do think they are cute. Oh... and the monkey is adorable!
My friends, I would like to clarify a few things....the little things that throw me for a loop. The little things like getting gas. It is not that I can not it is just a reminder that Denny is not here to do it. It is not that I can not water the garden, it is that this was his hobby. It is not that I can not drive but did not have to. None of this is really complicated, but I know that I over think things-- but this new normal for me is not what I want but will and do make the adjustments. A couple of the kitchen knives need sharpening...I do not know how to correctly use the sharpening tool that Denny di with precision , so I will get them sharpened by someone who knows how to do it. There is always a solution I just have to take a step back and not panic. I am a very strong lady and I can and will make all the adjustments that I must...just a little at a time. My head knows what is necessary but my heart is still quite broken and does not want to do the little things.
Thank you for being here for me. Thank you for caring enough to offer hugs and kind words that are felt from everywhere. Thank you for being my friend when I need you the most.