Sunday, May 28, 2017

Mr H comes home!

It seemed like it was not going to happen. I arrived at the hospital around 8am and Denny was up and eating picking at his breakfast. Immediately I noticed that his right arm was swollen more the left which had been swollen. It was tight to touch and bothering him. He said that the RN had checked him earlier (done each change of shift). After breakfast the RN came in with meds and I brought it to her attention.  Oh no I thought we are not going home today. A call placed to the doctor and ace wrap applied and to be monitored at this time. Problem: his circulation is impaired and DVT mentioned (Deep Vein Thrombosis). Now a lesson in how to apply the ace wrap for me to do at home. We took a lovely walk in the park around the nursing station (2x) and then back for a sit down rest. Still awaiting discharge. Blood pressure has been running low, some changes to the meds he will be taking. A lesson in cutting one of his pills and now we are proud owners of a dandy pill cutter! Denny is anxious about going home but I think once home he will be okay. The injectable med is quite expensive and not covered by our prescription plan.  After some checking our Blue Cross will cover it. So far we met with the Discharge Coordinator , all papers signed for me to take him home, and now the Oncology/Hematology doctor who will be treating my guy. He needs an injection for the white cell count but it has to be ordered and this is a holiday weekend. She goes over a list of what to watch for once home (if we ever get there) and to call her immediately if a problem arises. We must be in her office on Tuesday (if we are out of here by then). Have I told you all the paper work I have received? Today I will build a file! Then the bomb shell. He would not be able to give his own injection do to the extreme edema he is having and will most likely continue to have. Me? Oh no dear nurse, not could I? I have never given an injection or used a needle. Contrary to my cousin Norman who suggested that I could because of all the needlework I do! What can I say, he is a writer! Anyway I watched carefully as RN Vickie gave Denny the injection into the abdomen.... I do not like needles and do not like watching and now she wants me to do both... never going to happen. Did I mention we are still waiting on discharge. Back comes RN Vickie with the insulin needle and suggests that  me, myself and I give, no I can not. Mr H says I can so I did....I gave my first injection and the patient survived. Said I did  not even hurt him. What discharge, we are still waiting. As 4:30 arrives so does George to transport Denny for a Vascular Ultra sound in both arms to rule out blood clots. Dennis asks that I watch his who wants it. Finally after dinner which we should have been enjoying having at home, more paperwork  and discharge is on the way. Right! Change of shift and the wait is on. Finally around 8:30 PM we are on our way home. Around 9 PM I finally had a baked sweet potato and fresh fruit. I must have fallen asleep around 11 with orders to my guy to wake me if he needed anything. Friends I am so pleased that we are here, home. We will be careful to watch for all the things on our list and  start this journey together as we have done so this far.  We have a long way to go.....thank you for all the caring kind words and cards (thank you cousin Janice and blogging friend Karen from Averyclaire Needlearts) which have cheered him. Your friendship has truly helped me through this past week. Back to regular blogging with just brief updates on my guy.
To the person who emailed me that she thought this was a stitching blog....remember; it is my blog and I can write and show whatever I wish. I would love for you to follow and enjoy but you do not have to read it when it does not interest you. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 8 and changes?

Hard to believe it has been one week since my world changed and our world got turned upside down. Denny did well after the chemo treatment and yesterday actually ate a little better. He is not a breakfast eater but now really needs to eat more. They suggest several...even every couple of hours to eat something and of course he must drink lots of liquids. The RN did a full assessment yesterday and he was given a great morning "wash up" by Daryrn...he was so kind and caring. After breakfast Denny walked 3 "laps" around the nursing center and then took a nap. Well, lets say spurt naps. They really are in to do this or that frequently. His left arm and hand are very swollen ( and still so very bruised) so much that we had to take his wedding band off and he felt bad about that. I got the ---do not loose it---be sure to put it safely away--- talk. I spoke with one of the councilors re: what to expect once home, finances, support system out of the hospital, food and germs. I keep notes and all the many piece of paper they hand me. Today may be discharge day. On my way home from the hospital I stopped at CVS to pick up my medication then off to Walmart. Did you know that some Walmart stores will be cutting back on certain products? It was then home to have something to eat. Last night was sanitize the bathroom that he will be using-- and only he will be able to use it. I picked up Clorox wipes to keep all around the house at their suggestion. Actually got a fairly decent sleep and now trying to get last minute things in order. As I look around I think we are set for him to be home. I have safety measures in place and a walker at the ready. Did I mention that we can not have flowers in the house? That bothers Denny a little as we always have flowers on the table and in the living room as well as all the beautiful plants he had ( yes had, as I managed to kill off a few) in the yard.  That will be the other change for him, no more yard work. He mentioned maybe we should get a puppy...he said for me. Have I mentioned that the Aquarium tenants left...down to one sole fish. He seems happy enough. Maybe a few of those floating glass fishes ...anyway, my wonderful friends, I am not going to finish my coffee and the washing machine has stopped so I will tend to that before getting off to see what the day holds. I feel your hugs and Dennis is so appreciative of all your kind words. I did finish another Affirmation Word but no picture yet. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 7...

Goodness, today will be one week since Denny was admitted to hospital. What a week. Yesterday was his first Chemo. It definitely brought him some anxiety and concern and questions, especially after the oncology coordinator visit.  I know they need to prepare you for the what ifs, but it is down right scary. I think he is second guessing having treatment. Concern about the side effects, how much time does he have how many treatments. The alternative? I made it clear that everything concerning him is decision and his alone. She emphasized that I need to sanitize everything all the time, keep him away from anyone ill, no crowds, and on and on. Did you know there is a procedure for flushing the toilet when on Chemo? Having not dealt with Chemo patients, I had no idea of some of he things we will need to do to keep him safe. We have not a road to walk but a hill to climb and we will do it together. He made me laugh several times yesterday....and it felt good to see and hear his humor. They tell me to rest then come in and wake me. I told him I was going to the restroom and he told me to Toddle along little doggie... The CNA was in before each meal for blood check. She asked if she could take a sample, he rolls his was good. In the afternoon he listened to a few NE Patriot player interviews on the tablet. He even tried to watch a movie but in they came several times so that ended that. Are you familiar with the Sherlock Holmes movies with Basil Rathbone ? He kept dismissing me like Sherlock would do to Mrs. Hudson.  A flip of the hand! Oh yes, it was good to see him this way and at the same time see him mentally in his own space. I usually stay until the evening meal. Last evening the CNA brought me a tray. When she left I said --- Oh honey how romantic that we can dine at Chez Boswell...he gave me  that look and rolled his eyes. Glad that day is over and now on to today,  Friday---has all this happened in one week? If all went well last night and today, he will be discharged this weekend. So, when I leave him tonight I will be off to Walmart for a supply of disposable gloves and lots of Clorox wipes. My finger will be crossed for a good day for Denny.  Right now, I think I will try to get a couple hours of nap time. Ooooh I just felt a hug...Thank you!
PS...I guess I should tell him the Doves are at it again...another nest and this time back in the wall planter.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Day 6 on day 6

 It has been an overwhelming day.  Denny called them, " a gang of people". Seems today was the day for all to want to stop in and talk. Oncology Doctor, Oncology Nurse, Cancer Society Navigator, and the IM Doctor....everyone had initials and something to say. Navigator, that was a new title to me. They direct you to the right path or person or agency...okay. The word cancer was said often we found out more about this illness that is taking a toll on my Denny. He finally asked if the chemo was going to fix this ( as in cure) and the doctor quietly said no. After everyone left Denny looked almost defeated and turned to me to say he was nervous and worried about me. How would I manage this and that. I asked him not to think or worry about that.  Finally it was decided to start chemo tomorrow ( Thursday ) and so up to the Oncology unit from the Cardiac unit he was going. I just got used to remembering he was even on the Cardiac unit. So, after dinner which the doctor finally consented to change to a regular diet, transport was arranged. Craig arrived to find Denny with severe dry heaves and not feeling very well at all. He patiently waited then took us upstairs. They greeted us and I explained that he was not doing well and he  (on cue ) started to dry heave again. Finally he seemed to settle and they came in to do the admissions to the floor. I brought to the RN's attention the rash that now is spreading and very red. Friends, I must say he is not looking well at all. I hated to leave him but I desperately needed to come home to settle myself and let him rest. I really feel scared and I know he is too. His T Cell Lymphoma is Stage 4 and we still await the tests complete results. Tonight sleep will not come easy if at all. My mind and heart are in overload. I know I can count on you to think of us and keep us in your prayers. Maybe, just maybe things will be okay tomorrow........goodnight........