Tuesday, January 16, 2018

They really are bagals!

Just poking around today. Yesterday I made bagels....taste okay but let me tell you, they could never make the "nice looking" part of the bake-off.

Entirely my fault as I did not form the dough smoothly. Next time...if I do this again, they will look better. Some with sesame seed and others with poppy seed topping.
I also finally understand and think I can manage Cluny tatting.
The first one on the left is perfect, the one on the right, let's just say it is almost right....by that I will say I did not count the wraps just the process so in that case it is acceptable as a learning piece. Practice will get me there. I also need to practice Josephine Knots. When I learned to make them some years ago they wee good but when I do not do them they now need practice. So in between tatting I will practice both of these.
My latest snowflake is complete and just needs starching. It is the same as the last only doing the first half this time. I like some different looks. The next one I try will have beads. I love tatting. Before you ask, I have not given up on my other needle work, just need to change for a time. For now, it is tatting and sewing. Today is definitely cut out doll morning. Also a trip to the post office to get my package mailed.
The Doves were here earlier, resting on the wall at the gate. Until the nest is complete they will come and go as they please. Dennis loved having the nesting birds here.
Today will be a salad with tomato and beans form my garden along with Romaine and cucumbers from the market for lunch. Think I will add a bit of Provolone cheese. I like to try to plan ahead so I am not hungry and trying to find something to eat. With that said and laundry ready to hang, I think I will plan dinner too. So nice to chat with you. Thank you for your kind words and most of all your friendship. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Cluny tatting at 3:30 AM

A partly cloudy morning but still very nice. I listened to the soulful sound of a train whistle at 2:30 this morning..... since it is freight trans that travel on the line I wondered what was it carrying and where was it going. Then I sat up and got my tatting. That rolling cart that I bought is working out just great. It is really simple to get it to any place even into the bedroom at 2:30 AM.
I decided to learn/practice to tat a Cluny leaf. I think it was not the right time. I have the gist of it all but not perfected yet. Later today I will try and get it right.
Yesterday I finished this snowflake. It is just the first part of the design of the last one I made. I like them to be different. I need to stiffen this today. Then I will try the new book of snowflakes.
I am almost....so close.... to re-arranging g all the crafts from one place to the other. Instead of tatting I should have finished that project but at the time I needed a break.
I was asked if I try to tame the Alien Snail Vine, no I have given up trying It gets stepped on, brushed aside and still travels where it please. I love the loose look of it. That is how the garden is, loose and fluffy! I am not a fan of manicured gardens.  Speaking of the garden.... it is official that the Doves are mating and since it is on my wall that this is taking place it probably means that any day they will begin to build a nest. If not I think they should go courting elsewhere.
Had fun  on Skype with The Brother Alan yesterday using my tablet. I took him and Lisa for a walk in the garden so he could see his cacti area. I just have to learn to keep my finger off the camera part! and which is my left not his left etc. But is was fun and of course good to see them. It will almost be time for them to come back out. In the meantime, I will get to the crafts and the garage. Made chicken soup with rice and egg yesterday and it was delicious. Right now I best get the bed made and take the Bissell for a walk around the house.... it still will not go by itself.  Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. Most of all thank you for your friendship.
EDIT: Just saw The Dove couple building their abode in the wall planter.....they must have read this post!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Guess who has returned

Another beautiful day. Wishing that family and friends along the East Coast could have some warmer weather about now...drive safely and dress warm.
Had a busy morning; laundry, re-arranging the craft stuff (almost finished), made a chicken soup with egg drop and now plan to tat. All is well outside in the garden. The hummer has been here and gone several times, other little birds stopping by for berries from the Firecracker bush.

This female White-Crowned Sparrow found several berries to munch on. The sound of the pond is soothing today.
Just around sunrise,  I spotted a familiar sight atop the backyard wall
The Doves are back and from the sounds of their cooing to one another it is apparent they are going to build a nest. The garden is a busy place.
The Brother Alan hung a disco ball (we love them and have 2 in the garden) by the pond and the sun is reflecting "parkles" on the wall. You may call them sparkles, but they have been know to me and Denny as parkles because niece Elyssa pronounced them as such.  I am planning to sit and tat this afternoon to finish the snowflake so I can make some from a new book that arrived yesterday.
I love new books! and this one has some lovely snowflakes to make. I am hoping to get enough made to send some out by Valentines day. Chances are that I may yet cut out a Tilda doll. There is nothing on my calendar until Thursday, so I should be able to at least get it started. The problem is that I have been easily distracted this past week. Brain Flittering is what it is. Even as I sit here at the computer, my mind wanders out to the garden. Well, guess I best say adios for now. Glad to chat with you. Thank you for the kind words and friendship.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

The weekend has arrived

So glad that a new week will soon be here. Too many off things last week. I did this and that yesterday but  not much to show. I made a nice start on the repeat snowflake and for that I am pleased. This is on the plan for sometime over the weekend......
One of the Tilda dolls ready to have a body cut out. The fabric is a light peachy color that was given to me by Dianna. We traded off some fabric a while back. Just have to think about the clothing fabric and I have plenty in my bins to choose from.
I also happily  unfortunately  (I say but do not really mean) found a pattern for a tatted trinket box. I am really going to try to hold off with this one.  Anyway, I have the snowflake to finish and still working on re-arranging craft storage.
I want to pass on a "new" blog...sort of. Becky Noland who is a clever and witty gal has resurrected her knitting blog, https://theknittedlife.blogspot.com/ She also has her Etsy shop and her stitching blog, https://lucybeam.blogspot.com/ ......so stop by and check them out. I am sure you will like what you see.
Wherever you are, I hope you are in the "well zone". So many people are either with the flu or pneumonia or other. I am really trying to stay healthy after that lousy cold I had. Our weather is once again moving toward the unseasonal temps of mid to high 70s. My garden is not sure what to do; continue blooming or take a rest.

this picture of Alien was taken on the 7th. I finally attached garden twine so it would not attack me every time I opened the door from the garage. I marked where is coming from to where it is going and how much was in a blob.
The next picture was taken on the 10th
Can you see the blob ....how big it has grown and the twine is beginning to disappear?...Do not know what it looks like today yet as it is still dark out there. I tell you, this Snail Vine grows a foot a day! in all directions. It is still blooming too. Today or maybe tomorrow morning is skim the pond day for sure. I should do laundry, make the bed too and change the air filter and I want to tat and sew! Did I mention I want to bake too?So ambitious......
Well, my coffee is finished and Corn Flakes eaten so on to domestic tasks. Nice to have you visit with me. Thank you for your kind words and friendship. Hope to chat with you again soon.