Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Teddy Bear

Well now.....
Isn't this just right. Finished the teddy yesterday and it is sitting pretty. I love this pattern. It is a Simplicity pattern 
dated 1986 and I have made countless bears from it. This time the bear is special. It is from a pair of Denny's jeans and pieces cut rom one of my old blouses. 

I embroidered the Sorbello stitch along each arm top and on the top of the legs. My new favorite stitch.
I whip stitched the small inside pocket from the jeans to the back where it can hold a message or.....whatever. Fits nicely here. This is the smaller bear of three sizes.
Simple black buttons for the face. I really like how the back pocket looks for the face. I am not really happy with the ears of this pattern and have done them many ways in the past. The next teddy I will make a change. And how about the heart of this bear...
Indeed this teddy bear was made with love.....
I started the day with a problem. I took down the bathroom mini blind to wash and now I can not get it to snap into the bracket....Denny always put it back. So, tomorrow when Dianna and Sherry arrive to help with the pond, one of them I hope can get this back in place. I think I am needing a handy man. I suppose some of the things can wait until The Brother Alan arrives each year, but I really do not want his vacation time as work time. Just another loose screw for me to deal with. It was nice to have you visit with me. Thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Plan B Thursday

So, this is all that I could accomplish with the pond cover. Of course with friends like Dianna and offers from Sherry to help, it will be Plan B Thursday. We will I am sure get the task finished. Of course the guy I called to come and drain and clean the pond never called me back yesterday evening as he said he would, so I will move ahead with that on Thursday also. I am being careful to continue to run the pump and fountain head to help keep the mosquitos at bay. The fish helped with that. Pond donuts will have to do now.
Teddy has his stuffing but the seams have to be sewn. Today I will sort through the buttons to find the right ones. Oh yes, his ears have to be attached too. I will do some hand sewing here and there also. I also made four hairpin lace dresses for Denny's Angels. Today is starting very overcast. This monsoon weather messes up my sinuses and gives me light headaches. In a way it is a help...crazy to say I know, but it slows me down and recently I am moving with little rest. I keep finding this or that to do and have not been my usual organized self.   So today will be maybe the teddy, or maybe the angels or could be Alice. Definitely not yard or pond work! Maybe I will read a bit with some music for company. Glad that you stopped by today. I hear the timer telling me to remove the laundry form the dryer so off I go. Thank you for the kind words and for your friendship. Let's have a good day.

Monday, July 24, 2017

A rainy Monday

The day is starting with light rain....and clouds. Finally the temp will not be in the triple digits today. The yard work I planned will be on hold which is fine with me. I did sew yesterday on and off
The ears are sewn after it is stuffed so it is ready for the stuffing. I remembered that I am not fond of sewing denim.  Probably using a serger for the seams would be good...I do not have a serger. I do have a few overcast stitches on the machine so before the next one I will try on crap denim. So today I will start to fluff him out and find buttons for his eyes.  If you click on the picture to enlarge it you will see that I used one of the pockets with the stitching on it for his face.
I just went out to check the pond as I do every morning and evening, and the fish have died. So I will have to dispose of them and call the guy and let him know that I only have the one. These fish are at least 8 years old...pretty old for common gold fish that endure the outdoors. I noticed the other day that the 3 silver and black fish that moved in are now turning orange.

That is correct, when Keith was here he noticed it too. Got to be something with me and aquariums. Or just fish in general. The idea was to have silver to reflect and not add more orange to the tank.
I also starched my Denny's Angels yesterday and now to start a few more. I am hoping to work on Alice too this week. I have ambition but only in my mind! We shall see, but I am at least planning. Well friends guess I best get the fish removed and call the guy. Never a dull moment for me. Glad you stopped by and thank you for the many kind words and hugs too. Most of all thank you for your wonderful friendship. Let's have a good day.
UPDATE: When I finished this post I went out to remove the fish and they were all dead. Already found someone to come and drain and clean the pond so I can have it simple. No more fish however. Simple and easy to maintain.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I am still here...

Hello friends, thank you for missing me. I took a few days off. First because the 21st was my first month without Denny and then to gather myself. Besides the blog I keep a diary separate from here and those thoughts , well it was best to take a break. I am here and over the next week I want to share some more of the embellishments on the banner. I had a love y day with Dianna and we did cut out the teddy...
and today I start to sew. We also went to a thrift store and  I found just the right book for my teddy bears
I will remind myself not to return there on a chaotic. Dianna found some good stuff too. Early last evening my friend Keith stopped by to bring me an embroidered something....
well, I can not show it as it will be a gift but he has a wonderful embroidery machine and I asked if he would stitch this for me. Then he helped me to send a couple of videos to The Brother Alan. Keith is a computer wiz....really what he does, sort of. Anyway, it was a productive day. Right now it is cloudy with chance of rain and very humid. I did get out earlier to vacuum out  18 gallons of water, then add fresh water back in. I also remembered to add the algaecide chemical. Cleaned the pump too. I think they will be going to a new home next week. I called an organization and the man said email me your address and I will come out to get them next lets keep those toes crossed (the fingers will most likely be doing needlework) that he does come for them. I sent pictures to him. I actually added a few more stitches to Alice, but not enough to even notice. So I have been busy.  I hope to sew on the teddy bear. I have some yard work to do, but I will get out early each morning to rake, sweep, pond vac and such....too hot after 7 AM. I also need to get a new filter for the fridge ice maker next week and hope I remember how to do install. I watched Denny do it hundreds of times. How hard can it be? You will soon find out.
By the way...remember

I  decided to call him Harry.... just popped in my head and did not leave, so Harry it is.
Guess that about covers what I have been up to and what plans I have. Glad to have you visit with me and thank you for the kind words and most of all your friendship. I am trying to get back into visiting all of you...Let's have a good day.